Training for life!
  • In Kennel Dog Training

    In kennel dog training atlanta ga
    In Kennel Dog Training is a great choice for owners who travel of simply don't have the time to commit to training their dog.
  • In Home Dog Training

    in home dog training atlanta ga
    In Home Dog Training allows you to have your dog trained by a professional without having them kenneled at a facility.
  • Private Lesson Dog Training

    private lesson dog training atlanta ga
    If you feel like you simply need some coaching from a professional dog trainer, then our Private Lesson Dog Training is likely a great option.
  • Group Class Dog Training

    group class dog training atlanta georgia
    Offering a variety of options, our Group Class Dog Training is a great way to socialize your dog and get the training you need.

Affordable Dog Training in Atlanta, GA Your Source for Quality Dog Training in Atlanta, Georgia

Highland Canine Training, LLC is one of the largest and most respected professional dog training companies in the Southeastern US and we are proud to offer professional dog training and behavior modification programs for dog owners in the Atlanta Metro area. We offer a variety of programs, from group classes to in-home dog training, in order to provide results that meet the needs of our clients and their dogs. We have developed a reputation for successfully rehabilitating problem dog behaviors and effectively teaching owners to better communicate with their dogs. We understand that having a well-balanced and well-behaved dog is important and that most dogs are an important part of your family. In addition to being effective and affordable, our dog training programs are also Veterinarian Recommended and Guaranteed for Life! We work with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages and our trainers are committed to ensuring that any problems are resolved with your dog. We also offer free in-home evaluations.